Remote Computer Manager


Remote Computer Manager

Remote Computer Manager is a network utility for remote computer management. The program allow network administrators to centrally manage network PCs and make: remote desktop control, remote power solutions (shutdown, reboot, power off, power on, sleep, hibernate, wake up, Wake-on-LAN over IPv4 and IPv6), remote desktop lock (lock workstation, log on and log off users, lock and unlock input devices), launch (execute) applications and files, create processes as custom user account interactive with the desktop, installation of MSI packages, actions with registry, actions with files, clock (time) synchronization, clear temp folders and other remote operations for network computers (Windows and Linux PCs). Using Remote Computer Manager you can perform a remote shutdown, power on (turn on), power off (turn off) and restart (reset) the remote computer with Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) and AMD DASH (Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware). The program can also get the list of remote processes and services, netstat information, screenshot, various information via WMI queries, entries from registry, entries from event log and other details for each PC. Using the application you can make remote operations on one or multiple network computers with one click. Remote operations can be executed automatically according with defined schedule, so you can organize fully automatic computer management for your company. The software supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocol and can be run as a service.


Version: 6.5.4, Size: 3,49 MB)

System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022. 32-bit or 64-bit. Net Framework is not required.

To update a previous version of the program just download the current version and install it on top of the previous version (there is no need to uninstall the previous version, just close the program at the time of installation).

How to configure a remote computer with Windows Vista,7,8,10,11, 2008,2012,2016,2019
for accessing via Remote Computer Manager

How to configure a remote computer with Windows XP,2000,2003
for accessing via Remote Computer Manager

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How to configure a remote computer for Wake-On-Lan

Remote Computer Manager

Remote control

Remote Computrer Manager has the following features:

 Remote desktop control.
 Actions with processes (Get list, create and terminate process).
 Operations with services (Get list, install and uninstall, start and stop service).
 View registry.
 Browse event log.
 Command prompt.
 Launch (execute) applications and files on remote computers under current logged user, custom user account, SYSTEM account.
 Getting information using WMI queries.
 Taking netstat information.
 Taking screenshots.
 File operations (browse, send file, get file, copy file, move file, rename file and delete file).
 Actions with registry (create key, add/edit value).
 Merge registry files with the registry of remote computers.
 Installation of MSI packages.
 Shutdown, reboot, power off with DCOM and WMI for Windows PC's.
 Shutdown, reboot, power off with SSH for Linux PC's.
 Turn on, shutdown, reboot, turn off network computers with Intel AMT (vPro) and AMD DASH.
 Wake on LAN (Wake up with magic packet).
 Switching into sleep and hibernate state.
 Logon and logoff users.
 Lock workstation, lock and unlock input devices.
 Send message.
 Time zone and time synchronization.
 Clean up temporary files.

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