You can freely download and install these programs on your computer for evaluation. This method allows you to try our product before you purchase them. You can evaluate a program during a trial period without any cost or obligation. Payment is required if you have found the software to be useful or if you wish to continue using it beyond the trial period. To purchase a product, see the Registration section.

Product Version Download
 Remote Computer Manager (Trial) 6.5.4 download
 MyLanViewer Network/IP Scanner (Trial) 6.0.5 download
 Portable MyLanViewer Network/IP Scanner (Trial) 6.0.5 download
 Ping Manager (Trial) 3.0.0 download
 Wake On LAN Proxy Server (Trial) 1.1.0 download
 Socks Proxy Scanner (Free) 1.6.0 download
 Http Proxy Scanner (Free) 1.6.0 download
 Tcp Port Scanner (Free) 1.5.0 download
 IP Scanner Shared Resources (Free) 1.1.0 download
 RedEyes Host Monitor (Free) 1.7.8 download
 Shortcuts To Tray (Free) 1.0.2 download

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